The Theater

How did the idea of a comedy sketch show come to mind in the first place, and were intelligent dick jokes always the plan, or does it all invariably gravitate toward that wonderful conclusion?

The Theater responded on 03/18/2013

Zach and James have been writing partners for over a decade and have always had a weird sense of humor. They wanted to start sketches in 2003 but didn't know anybody and didn't have any money. So James went out and recruited for six years and befriended JP Nickel, Jon Brence, and Marque Franklin Williams at CMU. After the comic started making a little money and James won some screenwriting competitions, James Ashby, Zach Weiner, and Marty Weiner launched SMBC Theater. Over the years, a ton of artists contributed to the sketches you all know and love. Now we're re-naming ourselves "The Theater" so we can share their writing talents with you. SMBC Theater will still mean written by Zach and James - but it will be one show among many on the channel!

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